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【det365手机版】 asynchronous generator

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Asynchronous generator also known asInduction generator。利用定子With the air gap between the rotor and the rotating magnetic fieldRotor windingAn alternator with induced current interaction。The steering of the rotor is the same as that of the rotating magnetic field, but the speed is slightly higher than the synchronous speed of the rotating magnetic field。Commonly used as a small power hydrogenerator。

Ac excitation generator due to rotor side usedAlternating current voltageExcitation, so that it has a flexible mode of operation, in the solution of the power station sustainedPower frequency overvoltage, variable speed constant frequency,Pumped storage power station电动-The traditional synchronous generator has incomparable advantages in speed regulation and other problems。Ac excitation generatorThere are three main modes of operation:

1Operate in variable speed constant frequency mode;

2The mode of operation in which reactive power is adjusted in a wide range;

3Operate to generate electricity-Motorized mode。

  With the power systemTransmission voltageThe increase in line growth when the transmission power of the line is lowerNatural powerWhen, the line and power station will have a continuous power frequency overvoltage.In order to improve the operation characteristics of the system, many technologically advanced countries are in6"世纪A"At the beginning of the decade, the application of asynchronous generators in large power systems was studied, and it was believed that the stability, reliability and operation economy of large systems could be improved by adopting asynchronous generators.

 Asynchronous generator is often used as a small power hydrogenerator for its easy maintenance and good stability。When the rotor of the induction motor is dragged along the rotation direction of the magnetic field with the prime mover, and the speed exceeds the synchronous speed, the motor enters the generator operation, and the prime mover is inputMechanical energyIt is converted into electricity and sent to the grid。At this time, the excitation current of the motor is taken from the power grid。


 Asynchronous generators can also parallel capacitors, by their own residual excitation, independent power generation, then the voltage and frequency of the generator by the capacitance value, prime mover speed and load size and other factors。When the load changes, it is generally necessary to adjust the parallel capacitance value accordingly to maintainVoltage stabilization。Because asynchronous motor parallel capacitor, no additional excitation power supply can be independently generated, so in负荷It's a stable place. There are redeeming qualities。For example, it can be used as a simple rural power stationLighting power supplyOr as a backup power supply。

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